Function Drives Form



My core belief with all things marketing and PR is everything should be driven by a defined function and should help reach or maintain a goal. Everything. If it doesn’t you are wasting time and money. (Of course, actually having goals, defined functions… a plan, really helps, but that is another post.) From online ads, search words, campaigns, logos, print ads, blogs, websites, micro sites and events to the design of any items and the wording of ads and blogs everything needs to b... Read more

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SEO: Going Back to School



Keeping up with changes in tools and technology is a fun, if sometimes daunting, task. We all spend a good bit of time reading online articles, checking out product reviews, chatting with people who are experts in their fields, and researching out the best new marketing tool to keep ourselves and therefore our clients, up to date and at least with – if not ahead of – the curve. One excellent resource we use is our pro subscription to With webinars, white pape... Read more

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Provide Real Information for Consumer Decision-Making



I read the article below today by Patrick Spenner, on I agree personally and professionally with the idea of providing credible, factual, unfiltered information to consumers to help them make purchasing decisions. I personally hate feeling someone is trying to “sell” something to me… or that someone is diligently following the sales steps some misguided manager has instructed them to follow – with promises of “closing the deal.” I have, on prob... Read more

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The Right Tools in The Right Hands



While watching the Master’s yesterday, I noticed an ad with the concept of “it’s amazing what the right tools in the right hands can do.” I pondered that thought a bit as it encapsulates my ideas about marketing, business and tools. There are undeniably more marketing tools in the toolbox than ever before… websites, marketing strategies, e-commerce sites, blogs, advertising campaigns both traditional and online, social media, videos, press releases, social media... Read more

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SEO for Websites: A Success Story



We recently completed an SEO project for a new client’s existing website. A few simple changes have already moved the site’s organic listings from pages two & three to page one for several primary search terms! While there are ongoing actions that will need to happen to maintain and keep improving, it is exciting to see the initial positive results. The process? For starters, we conducted key word research to determine which search phrases people use most frequently when searc... Read more

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