Chipotle Goes Back to the Start…


Every once in a while we come across something in the advertising world that really tugs at the ol’ heartstrings. Well, Chipotle has done just that with their award-winning Back to the Start campaign, promoting an idea that is central to their company’s core values. To the tune of the legendary Willie Nelson singing Coldplay’s classic “The Scientist,” Chipotle created a short film entitled “Back to the Start.” “The film depicts the life of a fa... Read more

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The Big Picture Celebrates!

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This month marks 14 years of The Big Picture being in business! It is interesting to think back and reflect on the amazing changes in this company and in marketing as a whole since 2000. For starters, most small to medium-sized businesses didn’t have a website – or if they did, it was more like an online brochure. Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn didn’t exist – not to mention the endless variety of social media options that are commonplace today. Phone books were still ... Read more

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Function Drives Form



My core belief with all things marketing and PR is everything should be driven by a defined function and should help reach or maintain a goal. Everything. If it doesn’t you are wasting time and money. (Of course, actually having goals, defined functions… a plan, really helps, but that is another post.) From online ads, search words, campaigns, logos, print ads, blogs, websites, micro sites and events to the design of any items and the wording of ads and blogs everything needs to b... Read more

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SEO: Going Back to School



Keeping up with changes in tools and technology is a fun, if sometimes daunting, task. We all spend a good bit of time reading online articles, checking out product reviews, chatting with people who are experts in their fields, and researching out the best new marketing tool to keep ourselves and therefore our clients, up to date and at least with – if not ahead of – the curve. One excellent resource we use is our pro subscription to With webinars, white pape... Read more

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Provide Real Information for Consumer Decision-Making



I read the article below today by Patrick Spenner, on I agree personally and professionally with the idea of providing credible, factual, unfiltered information to consumers to help them make purchasing decisions. I personally hate feeling someone is trying to “sell” something to me… or that someone is diligently following the sales steps some misguided manager has instructed them to follow – with promises of “closing the deal.” I have, on prob... Read more

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