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Internships Can Be Good for Everyone...or Not


I really do love having interns. It’s fun to see what students are learning and professors are teaching. And, I like seeing ideas, marketing tools and work through the eyes of someone in a different generation. I find it energizing and affirming…most of the time. The interns who have what I refer to as “the fundamentals,” in addition to their emerging marketing and/or PR knowledge, are the ones I enjoy and who I know will succeed.

The fundamentals you ask? Showing up on time and ready to work i.e. you’re fed and watered, your personal texting and emailing is complete till lunch. Being able to answer the phone professionally, if you have phone answering privileges. Asking for help if you don’t understand something; but, perhaps at least spending a few minutes trying to find the answer before asking. I don’t mind answering at all – but showing initiative in problem-solving is a great skill. I had a boss once who told me I could come to him with any problem – but I had to come with at least three well-thought out possible solutions. Turned out to be great advice.

Moving on with the fundamentals. Be productive and efficient – if you are stalled, waiting on a piece of information for a project or finished with your list, ask for something to do or volunteer to help someone else. Seeing you sitting around makes me wonder why I am making the effort to help.

Show an eagerness to learn; academic classes are wonderful and provide the knowledge base needed to start learning how it all applies when working with bosses, co-workers, clients, stakeholders, stockholders, the media, people who report to you and on and on. In other words, embrace each day as the opportunity to learn something new – and keep this attitude for your entire career. Leaders understand they don’t – and most of the time can’t – know everything. They seek and value input from people who know more than they do about any subject; and, just those who have a different perspective. Interns should certainly do the same.

Bring your ideas to the table. Offer insight from your perspective, knowledge and experience. While the internship offers the chance for you learn, the memorable interns offer good ideas and have positive attitudes.

And, for the final fundamental…another boss said to me once, when I asked for an opinion about a potential new hire, “you can teach a monkey the details, but you can’t teach work ethic.” These words have proven to be painfully true – and not just for marketing and PR interns.

The following article, written by Christina Starr a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and posted on the Regan Report, gives an intern’s perspective. She will graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter via @c_c_starr. A version of this story first appeared on the blog PR at Sunrise. Check the post and comments for further notes on making a positive impression as an intern:


I’ve been interning at a large agency since late May, now in my last week. One thing I’ve learned: Don’t be afraid to tell your supervisor when your workload is too much, but never straight-up turn down an assignment.

When asked for my help on an assignment, and my workload was already way too much, instead of replying with a simple “no,” I would reply with something more along the lines of “I would be happy to add this to my to-do list but if there is a strict deadline, then I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish in time.”

My feeling is that people don’t just pass the buck down to you for no reason; it’s usually because they’re also very busy. So, if I were to reply with a simple “no,” it might just add to their stress. You didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, but it’s just not what they needed to hear. By saying you’d be willing, but not at that moment, it shows that you’re capable to handle a large workload and always be helpful. In the end, they may decide to do the project themselves, or give you a very loose deadline and you can work on it when able.

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Our clinic is the leading provider of pain management in Colorado. Dispensaries have to date sold 23,766 ounces of medical marijuana, however sufferers have complained the state's ramp-up hasn't been fast sufficient. Like state officials, doctors have additionally been leery of getting concerned in medical marijuana. Tishler stated he does not have a typical affected person - they range in age from a 20-yr-outdated with Crohn's illness to an eighty-12 months-previous with rheumatoid arthritis. By Hill's account, if medical marijuana was the state's mid-term, then Massachusetts has failed, which doesn't bode well for full-on legalization of recreational marijuana. The initiative's tax rate is an issue for Hill, who says it's too low and the state might draw extra money for schooling, prevention and remedy if it is larger. Schneider has been involved in an ongoing battle over his observe with the Illinois Division of Financial and Skilled Regulation, which points licenses to and oversees numerous professionals together with medical docs. In 2015, the state filed complaints alleging Schneider inappropriately licensed sufferers for the state's medical marijuana pilot program, which started in late 2014, and inappropriately prescribed opioid ache medicines. Our wellness clinic has been specializing within the holistic administration of chronic ache and other disorders since 1988. Our practitioner, Dr.Blatman, is presently awaiting certification as a licensed medical marijuana physician. I was cautious about many of his suggestions however I have found out the laborious option to observe his advise. The important thing to relieving continual ache, especially fibromyalgia and myofascial pain, requires identification and treatment of perpetuating components. This must be executed on a affected person-by-affected person basis, as a result of variables these circumstances present. After I first went to Dr. Blatman two years ago, I was spending 1-3 days every week in mattress with extreme neck pain, headaches and nausea. I had had migraines for forty years and been to numerous doctors, however did not obtain any help. I had additionally developed continual myofascial pain in my neck. With full legalization slated for the California ballot this fall, cannabis-pleasant physicians could possibly be out of business as weed becomes simply out there. Frank Lucido , a California physician, obtained a telephone name in 2012 from a health care provider in Colorado. Like Lucido - one among California's finest-known hashish-friendly physicians - the Colorado doctor had been writing recommendations for medical marijuana, the paperwork required for patients to access cannabis at medical marijuana shops in his state. Not like Lucido, the Colorado doctor was fearful about the way forward for his practice. There's additionally the likes of Roger J Foster , dubbed Dr Skype, who gave exams” to sufferers in his Sacramento, California, workplace from his Las Vegas residence by way of Skype. For these medical doctors, medical marijuana has meant easy cash: $50 or $a hundred cash for a few minutes' work, with the requirement that the advice be renewed yearly. They had been doing rubber-stamp recommendations as a result of they did not give a fuck. This has meant professional ridicule and ostracism for docs like Lucido, who have typically been lumped in with the Dr Skypes and Venice Seashore clinics the place street hawkers attempt to wheedle tourists into seedy workplaces. But we'll still see sufferers who need steerage,” he stated. They gave us a foul identify and delayed legalization by a few years,” he said. Just over a yr after new federal laws made physicians the gatekeepers for prescribing entry to medical marijuana, a handful are specializing in cannabis as a therapeutic agent and carving out a brand new subspecialty. With the membership-based mostly clinic , sufferers pay a fee to be educated by nonmedical staff and related with educated physicians keen to prescribe legal access to medical marijuana. The counselling is paid for by CanvasRx , a commercial resource web site that helps patients selected a strain from among the 19 Health Canada-accredited licensed producers that sell cannabis. Ontario's first referral clinic, which opened in July 2014, assesses a affected person's suitability for cannabinoid medicine, including natural cannabis and the two pharmaceutical choices. A majority of the sufferers we see are on disability and are already struggling with continual sickness. Schecter says physician's attitudes toward prescribing cannabinoids as a therapeutic choice may change over time, especially after the Supreme Court ruled in July that different types of medical marijuana, not just the dried bud, must be accessible to sufferers. New government laws allow licensed producers to promote hashish oils, which suggests patients will be capable to ingest the drug in precise doses, very like the pharmaceutical selection. Only qualified patients with specific conditions can receive a medical marijuana certification if approved for the authorized use of medical hashish in Florida. Amendment 2 was handed in November 2016 legalizing Medical Cannabis in Florida. The amendment qualifies patients with sure conditions to obtain a medical marijuana registry card and purchase marijuana from licensed medical marijuana dispensary. It was a relief to go to with compassionate medical doctors that care. I wouldn't go anyplace else for a Florida Marijuana Card. Begin Your Florida Marijuana Certification Course of Now! Severe Back Pain - Continual Pain - Severe Muscle Spasms - Migraines - Arthritis - Cancer - Anorexia - Glaucoma - Seizures - Epilepsy - HIV/AIDS - Crohn's - ALS - A number of Sclerosis - Parkinson's - Muscular Dystrophy - Extreme Fibromyalgia - (PTSD) Put up Traumatic Stress Disorder - (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Florida law includes a listing of circumstances that qualify patients for entry to medical marijuana. Most cancers, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Dysfunction), Crohn's Disease, Epilepsy, HIV, AIDS, Glaucoma, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Parkinson's, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and different debilitating medical conditions of the same form or class as, or similar to those listed, that an authorized marijuana doctor believes that the medical use of marijuana would seemingly outweigh the potential well being dangers for a patient. If you are a Licensed Florida Physician fascinated with certifying medical marijuana sufferers contact us here. Therefore the ultimate resolution for certifying a qualifying affected person is left to a certified Massachusetts licensed physician. In case you are renewing to obtain an MMJ card, no medical data are obligatory until there has been a substantial change out of your last appointment with us. With the intention to avoid duplicate and costly medical testing, MedMar Medical requires that every one of our sufferers have a primary care provider or specialist who can present medical information that document the existence of one of the qualifying conditions for which using medical marijuana is being sought. MedMar Medical can also be now accepting Rhode Island residents in our Quincy office who require a doctor's certification to obtain a RI Medical Marijuana card. Online MMJ Physician presents Distinctive Medical Marijuana (medical cannabis) Evaluations in San Francisco & San Jose and now we offer online medical marijuana card evaluations Our mission is to ensure everybody may be evaluated to see if medical hashish is one thing that may profit them with their medical circumstances Our California licensed 420 docs won't ever turn away anybody who wants an analysis for medical marijuana.Beneath the guidelines outlined in Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act and proposition sixty four , handed by California voters in 1996 and November 2016, medical and leisure Hashish is Authorized in the state of California. Nevertheless, Dr. Dowback is somewhat intimidating at first, however he gave me great advice relating to the alternatives to my present prescription drugs regiment. As a person who has MDD, anxiety & PTSD... I was actually concerned about getting myself off all pharmaceutical medicines and self-medicate naturally. First time ever making use of for a hashish card, being in a facility at that. The physician answered all questions I had, wrote a ton of suggestions for every thing I want it for and directed me to my first cannabis membership. Virtually no wait time and obtained some great recommendations relating to the perfect string for my insomnia challenge. Beneath the rules outlined in Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act, passed by California voters in 1996, medical Hashish is Legal in the state of California. MMJ DOCTOR offers superior customer support and the best quality hashish cards. This dispensary is a place you be ok with buying your drugs from. Textual content a hyperlink to your telephone so you possibly can shortly get instructions, see pictures, and read evaluations on the go! Your Recommendation Quantity is printed proper on the cardboard along along with your photograph and the 24 hour verification phone number so as to ALWAYS proof to regulation enforcement or anybody else that you are a affected person who underwent an analysis and received a suggestion for the medicinal use of medical marijuana beneath California Health and Security Code Section 11362.5 (Prop 215 and SB 420). It took me 10 minutes to do every part online and I got my recommendation and card within the mail in a few days. A Medical Cannabis card holder is entitled to legally purchase marijuana from any dispensary in California or for rising at house for personal needs. Serving ALL eligible Californian's 18 years and older. I like having my records with MMJDOCTORONLINE of their secure system. I like people that do a great job, like MMJDOCTORONLINE. A giant thanks for saving me time and power (ordering online). I helped my pal who does not use computers a lot get his suggestion with MMJDOCTORONLINE. It was so easy that he stated he may do it himself next time. Doctor's recommendations must be renewed yearly. Any licensed California doctor or Osteopath can suggest or approve your use of medical marijuana. All of our physicians are licensed within the country and state providing telemedicine and have deep knowledge of medicinal marijuana and are comfortable with recommending it as a remedy. A DOCTORS SUGGESTION is a document that is issued by a health care provider, when you qualify, for the authorized use of medical marijuana. An ID CARD is a illustration of the actual advice that is wallet sized, easy to hold and acceptable at most dispensaries. We recommend that you carry a tough copy of your suggestion upon your first visit to a brand new dispensary. With a physician's recommendation, you're legally able to purchase marijuana at a medical marijuana dispensary or order supply service from a dispensary. Specific health situations talked about in Proposition 215 that may be profit from medical marijuana remedy are outlined in The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, California Well being and Safety Code 11362.5. No. It's legal in the state of California to possess medical marijuana without a state-issued ID card so long as a doctor has really useful use based on a qualifying medical condition. You are not obligated to apply for a state issued ID card, or join a state registry. Telemedicine law has expanded over current years, and authorized dialogue and guidelines surrounding telemedicine are continuing to vary. Doctors and sufferers in over 5 states can now legally evaluate sufferers through telemedicine communication without a prior face-to-face appointment. Whereas this opens many doors for companies trying to make use of telecommunication for medical providers, there are nonetheless medical guidelines that should be adopted- a few of which are probably being uncared for by MMJ Physician Online. This new dialogue creates a gray area as to what is taken into account an acceptable” examination for medical hashish underneath telemedicine tips. Verifying medical card numbers is straightforward if sufferers resolve to take the additional step of registering as a cannabis card holder with the state of California. This can be accomplished by way of the California Department of Public Well being's web site for Medical Marijuana Verification It's not required for sufferers to do that, but it offers an additional step of verification for folks trying to cowl all authorized bases. Nonetheless, dispensaries typically check the validity of their customer's recommendations, especially if they're from an internet evaluation. Due to this, on-line medical analysis sites generally construct their very own verification pages for dispensaries to make use of. http://www.satza.net/profile/TabithaAlani

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